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We at Ruby Lou love our beauty treatments. Perhaps you fancy a make over? That look that purrs perfectly groomed? Perfect night out or wedding packages even proms and girls nights in and hen party's we cater.

Fight the tell-tale signs of aging with our effective beauty treatments. Get in touch with Ruby Lou based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, for efficacious beauty products.

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Fantastic Facial Treatments

Always look your best and have skin that glows with our wonderful range of facial products and treatments. Ruby Lou utilise Dermalogica™ products which is a brand associated with the top salons developed and especially designed by skin specialists.

Our therapists use these products combined with their own expertise and specialist technology to optimise your treatment and your long term skin care. Our treatments reduce the stresses on our skin and prevent anti-aging and skin damage. Our skin treatments are varied and include:

Acne: Our therapists use Dermalogica™ treatments to treat both adult and teenage acne. They work to treat, clear and prevent future breakouts by addressing your skins needs.

Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment. This treatment is also suitable for use with back and chest.

Shaving: Again we use Dermalogica Shave dual-action products customised to meet skin care and beard growth needs. The therapist assesses the skins condition and provides the appropriate treatment to ensure top level moisturisation and protection.
Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment. 
Skin tone: Age spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation are often causes of skin aging. That’s why along with Dermalogica™ products we work to reduce this so you enjoy more luminous skin.
Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment. 
Sensitivity or redness: Dermalogica products provide the therapist with powerful ingredients to nourish and soothe and calm sensitive inflamed skin and rosacea. Speak to us today about the best solutions for you.
Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment 
Skin aging: Your beauty therapist will provide information to help you reduce the signs of skin aging and sun damage. Keeping firmer smoother and healthier for longer.
Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment 
Dryness: Tightness and flaking skin are tell-tale signs of dryness. Ruby Lou work to rehydrate, moisturise and protect your skin during your treatment using Dermalogica products.
Oiliness: When it comes to controlling oiliness it’s about using the right products for your skin. By providing oil control and proper hydration, your therapist will balance out your skin.
Cost: £30 per 50 minute treatment. 
Life cell:  This truly an amazing product that produces a dramatic anti-wrinkle effect instantly. This treatment along with anti-aging treatments effectively reduces the signs of aging. Turn back the years and hide the wrinkles for a special night out!
Cost: £40 per 50 minute treatment which includes facial anti-aging treatment. 

Perfect Products

Take advantage of our prescriptive products for facial treatments, these include Beauty Pro™ and Timeless Truth™ products, as well as:

25 minute treatment  £18
Collagen masks  £7
Other masks  £6

Contact Ruby Lou for premium beauty products that roll back the signs of aging.